Comments From Readers


Hi Duncan,
I finally read through all the preliminary stuff, but then got caught up reading some of your articles on how modern Christianity came to believe in the Trinity. You are an amazing writer! I had pretty much figured out many years ago that there was no such thing as a "Trinity" and this doctrine was not Biblical, but any time I tried to sit down with a Bible scholar, such as a preacher, and discuss the matter, it would usually end with him calling me names and getting mad - merely because I asked questions. I am very glad I discovered your writings , because these open up a lot of understanding for me.
Thanks again, and God bless!

Steve V , USA

I am about half way through reading "The Real Christ" (for the second time).  This book is opening up my eyes on every page... and I can see it transforming my faith... I will let you know if I have any questions.  Thank you again for making yourself available.

Elizabeth, Washington USA


As I read through TRC, it becomes clearer and clearer to me, that Christianity is all about the heart, and nothing else - just as I sensed in the beginning. We can't add anything to Christ but obey.

Morten, Denmark

I received your book, thank-you very much. Sometime back, I was a devout triny and decided that i should know more about what i believed in to be sure that i believed in it. This ofcourse led me to the deeper much more informed readings and research, that slowly God in His Spirit revealed to me that it was an incorrect Biblical teaching. I was amazed at the slight twistings of the Scriptures that were used to support this Doctrine, yet all throughout the Gospel of John, God is revealing to the Jewish community that Jesus is His 'Son' and not God Himself. I came across your book through another Brother on a theological website, where i introduce the false conception about the Real Christ, ans was anathematized for this. This only prompted deeper study and research into the Doctrine, thus further revealing its falsehood and its indoctrination into our teachings. I would say that the most decisive concept about the doctrine that made me realize that it is false is that many a preacher that i discussed this with said to me quit vehemantly, that I MUST believe in it to be saved, none could show any Scriptural support for their claim, or statement, and i believe that this sealed it for me, besides the Scriptures that speak clearly opposing it......

In Christ, Robert

I have finished reading your book the "Real Christ" and I really enjoyed it. It should be considered a must read for Protestants, Catholics, and Jews. Actually, it should be required reading for all three groups. I can only imagine what awaits me as I pickup your other book "The Real Devil". Let me say that chapter 2-20 The 21st Century Jesus is by far my favorite chapter and it meant the most to me from reading it. Let me also say that I believe the image of the real Messiah Jesus has been muddled and damaged so serious by Orthodox and Catholic believers that it is going to take people like you and books like the Real Christ to undue the confusion that has been caused from politics rather than wholehearted genuine belief. Boy, we sure have our work cut out for us don't we? It seems to me that it is easier to dodge the issue and go with traditional then question the traditional and rethink a idea.

I guess it is through the unproud, uneducated, and unlearned things of the world that Yahweh reveals himself. How Yahweh uses the things that man despises/hates. How God uses the foolish things of the world. You stated that there is so much belief in the trinity and you know why (so do I). However, for the life of me even taking that into account why is there so much unbelief? We have all of these groups and more reading from the same book and believing in the same God (both for the most part) and yet still confusion. Anyway, I will be starting the Real Devil soon.
Your brother in Christ,

Eldridge [Chicago, USA]